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Professor Bhagat Taggar

Mr. Taggar is a Chartered Electrical Engineer ( U.K.) and a Professional Engineer ( Ontario). He served as an engineer in England, Zimbabwe and Canada. In Canada, he also served as a College professor and founder president of a private career college. His contribution to the profession of engineering, business, education and community is extensive. During his employment in Ontario Hydro, his technical contribution is referenced in the Canadian Standards Association and internationally on neutralizing transformers in high voltage environment through Industry Canada. He was a member of the trade missions from the government of Ontario and Canada to India.

Mr. Taggar served on Ontario Hydro's Employment Equity committee. He was the Chair of the Electronics advisory committee for some years at Centennial College. As a professor at Centennial College, he earned the reputation of a model teacher by his faculty Chair.

His life has a shining streak of public and community involvement and leadership. He was elected as a city and county councillor in England ( 1972 - 1981). He left England on an engineering assignment to Zimbabwe in 1981 and came to Canada in January 1983. In Zimbabwe, he earned praise from the Speaker of the Zimbabwe Parliament for his contribution..

He became highly involved in Canadian society, community and politics. As a uniting force within the diverse Canadian communities, he worked tirelessly to promote multiculturism. He was the national multiculturism Chair for the Liberal Party of Canada. He chaired many community organisations and was listed as one of the Movers and Shakers of the Toronto communities by Toronto Star ( Oct 15, 1992). He contested for Ontario parliament ( MPP) from Scarborough East in 1995.

Bhagat is the recipient of the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal for service to the community. He was appointed as Chair of the Employment Insurance Board ( Scarborough), by the Governor General of Canada. In 2005, Bhagat was appointed as a Commissioner of Ontario Human Rights Commission. At the Commission, he played an active role in the key issues such as mental health and addition disabilities, removing the Canadian experience barrier from employment, Human Rights Governance and many other issues.

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