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Education is the corner stone for prosperity of a country and its citizens. A well-trained and educated workforce is a valuable asset of a country in this globalized competitive economy. NCM believes that a career-oriented education is the basic right of all Canadians. Post-secondary education should be made affordable and accessible to all Canadians. Focus should be on skills development, and striking a balance between jobs and graduates. The STEM (Science Technology, Engineering & Math) curriculum should be adopted and Canadian educational standards should upgrade. Women should be encouraged to get education and training in pursuing non-traditional jobs.

NCM stands for system of integral education that promotes both academic excellence and character development. Life today presents many difficulties and distractions for children and parents, weakening the impact of positive values. Integrating positive universal values in education system help to cultivate self-discipline, high self-esteem, integrity, respect, good study habits, and a range of other attributes that underlie all aspects of a moral and productive society.

NCM would be an advocacy agency for the education reform to suit the present needs. Children and adults develop the ideals of good citizenship, service to the community and compassion towards all. In turn, they bring love and peace into their families, the community, country and world.



Professor Mendes is a lawyer, author, professor and has been an advisor to corporations, governments, civil society groups and the United Nations.

Prof. Errol Mendes |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Bhagat Taggar is a Chartered (UK) and Professional (Ontario) Engineer with diverse international community experience.

Prof. Bhagat Taggar |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Mobeenuddin Khaja has actively promoted peace and cross-cultural understanding between Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups. He founded the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada and the Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario.

Mobeenuddin Hasan Khaja |
Founder of New Canada Movement