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Climate Change and Energy Crisis are becoming the number one hot topic around the globe. Though Canada is large land area but we are one of the highest per capita emitters of CFC gases. NCM stands to create awareness to protect the future of our planet and the coming generations by helping reduce our energy consumption and avoid waste.

The permanent solution to this man-made problem in today's materialistic world is by bringing a “Culture of Conservation”, be more loving to the naturearound us and practicing good habits in our daily lives.Taking small actions in our daily lives at home with the family, on the road, work place and community will make all the difference in the greenhouse gases that blanket the earth and cause climate change.

We support innovation, new technologies and products that help reduce carbon emission and increase productivity. Canada has to play a leadership role to reduce emissions and help Climate Change. To meet success in this mission, we need Behavioural, Organizational and Technological change with efforts from all citizens.




Professor Mendes is a lawyer, author, professor and has been an advisor to corporations, governments, civil society groups and the United Nations.

Prof. Errol Mendes |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Bhagat Taggar is a Chartered (UK) and Professional (Ontario) Engineer with diverse international community experience.

Prof. Bhagat Taggar |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Mobeenuddin Khaja has actively promoted peace and cross-cultural understanding between Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups. He founded the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada and the Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario.

Mobeenuddin Hasan Khaja |
Founder of New Canada Movement