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Human Rights

Canada prides itself as promoter and supporter of Human Rights internationally and with in the country. Canada is signatory to international Human Rights treaties and agreements. Within the country there exists an extensive legislative authority to enforce and promote Human Rights law federally and provincially. Federal statutory instruments are Federal Human Rights code, Charter of Rights, Multiculturism Act and substantial case law.

Provincial Human Rights code has jurisprudence provincially. Ontario Human Rights system now has three separate independent pillars

  • Human Rights Tribunal.
  • Legal Support Centre.
  • Human Rights Commission.

Tribunal is an adjudicative body to enforce the human rights code. Legal Support Centre provides support and legal representation The Commission have the mandate to monitor human rights, intervene to protect the human rights before the tribunal, analysis, research, education, policies and take action to combat systemic discrimination.

Part 1, section 1 of the code lists the prohibitions to discriminatory practices. Some of the pressing issues in Human rights are:

1. Racism.
2. Competing Rights.
3. Accommodations.
4. Systemic discrimination.



Professor Mendes is a lawyer, author, professor and has been an advisor to corporations, governments, civil society groups and the United Nations.

Prof. Errol Mendes |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Bhagat Taggar is a Chartered (UK) and Professional (Ontario) Engineer with diverse international community experience.

Prof. Bhagat Taggar |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Mobeenuddin Khaja has actively promoted peace and cross-cultural understanding between Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups. He founded the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada and the Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario.

Mobeenuddin Hasan Khaja |
Founder of New Canada Movement