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Immigration and citizenship policies through the centuries have impactedthe Original and new inhabitants of Canada from time to time. Canadian economic growth is also impacted by these policies.

Canada with the 2nd largest country in land area (9.985 million Km square) is the land of immigrants. A population of 35 million is quite small for the land area. One out of five people in Canada are foreign born. Asia is the largest source of immigrant andin order of the highest numbers three countries, Philippines, China and India are on the tops Visible minority population of 6,264,800 (South Asians, Chinese, Blacks) indicate the changing face of Canada and its diversity.

Immigration and Refugee protection act legislates the immigration policy of Canada. The immigration statute is enforced through the immigration officers, border agencies, appointed boards, agencies and courts of law. Immigration policy is implemented through operational instructions, agreements and ministerial instructions under the provisions of the IRPA. Here is a brief list of immigration policy issues:

1. How the immigration policy decisions are made that impact prospective immigrants, Processing times.
2. Permanent resident or temporary foreign worker.
3. Changes to skilled worker program.
4. Super visa program.
5. Spousal sponsorship program.
6. Adoptions.
7. Student program
8. Refugees
9. Citizenship exam and processing times.



Professor Mendes is a lawyer, author, professor and has been an advisor to corporations, governments, civil society groups and the United Nations.

Prof. Errol Mendes |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Bhagat Taggar is a Chartered (UK) and Professional (Ontario) Engineer with diverse international community experience.

Prof. Bhagat Taggar |
Founder of New Canada Movement


Mobeenuddin Khaja has actively promoted peace and cross-cultural understanding between Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups. He founded the Association of Progressive Muslims of Canada and the Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario.

Mobeenuddin Hasan Khaja |
Founder of New Canada Movement